Last Call: Happy 102nd Birthday, David Chang!

Twitter: According to himself, David Chang turns approximately 102 years old today, in restaurant years at least. How old does that make Wolfgang Puck? Like 500 years, at least.

LA Weekly:  It seems David Chang is also sharing the goal of life in game form – a virtual game where the point is to get really, really fat. There’s way more reality than virtual in that game.

The Today Show: Chris Kimball from America’s Test Kitchen shows Savannah Guthrie some unconventional kitchen tools, including a power drill pepper grinder, which he knows about because he’s an unconventional kind of guy. Savannah Guthrie is conventionally mind-boggled by all of them.

Eater: Somewhat like his food, Grant Achatz has a loose interpretation on the concept of being interviewed. Halfway through the interview with Drew Starr, Achatz decided to do the interviewing himself, “So, now I’m going to interview you. What do you think about the Boston scene right now?” Yeah, huh, what’s it like, anyways?

HuffPost: By parodying Icona Pop’s hit song “I Love It,” Cookie Monster fundamentally understands the power of a tease-denial dynamic. Approximate time that Cookie Monster can exhibit self-control over cookes: 2 minutes and 53 seconds.

Dujour: Geoffery Zakarian gives some tips on how to turn kids’ lunch meals bourgeois, because Ham & Cheese is so five years ago, and it’s never too early to become a food snob.


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