Last Call: Help Food Trucks Feed Hurricane Sandy Victims Hot Meals

New York Times: Thanks to a number of corporate sponsors and hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations, many of the city’s once-barely tolerated trucks are now indispensable during the Hurricane Sandy relief effort, serving hot meals for free in afflicted areas of New York. If you want to help out with this foodie effort, visit the NYC Food Truck Association’s website.

The Daily Meal: French scientists are putting their brainpower to good use by using the power of DNA to determine the quality of beef in your supermarkets. We are this much closer to Gattaca steaks.

The New Potato: Jacques Torres sits down for an interview, and reveals that he’s given chocolate to the Pope. Does that make Jacques the Easter Bunny? OH MY GOD HE IS.

Livestream: Tom Colicchio joins 200 other guitar players in a live concert that you can listen to online, come this Sunday. What do 200 guitars sound like? Probably nothing like the intro to Sex And The City.

Eater Boston: Rumor has it that Geoffrey Zakarian is thinking about shipping up to Boston to open a restaurant — not, as the local hooligans might have it, to find his wooden leg.

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