Last Call: Here Are Some Soothing Culinary Links, Accompanied By A Photo Of Ducklings

Grub Street: Michael Pollan sits down with Adam Platt to discuss his newest book Cooked, as well as his confusion over the word “foodie”: “When I was growing up, food was sort of like high culture,” he explained. “It was like opera — very few people paid attention to it. But my mother read Craig Claiborne, she watched Julia Child.” Come to think of it, Julia Child would have been a phenomenal opera singer.

The Daily Meal: Learn to make mirepoix with DJ Hubert Keller. REMIX!

DETAILS: Chefs like April Bloomfield and Stephanie Izard show off the fancy knives you will never be able to afford unless you are a stupidly rich person.

Eater: Watch Thomas Keller in a commercial for…Avis Rental Cars? God, we always thought that Keller got everywhere by exerting his will over space and time. This is so weird.

LA Times: Much like D’Artagnan,¬†Nate Appleman is being drawn into the Musketeer-like¬†Trois Mec team of Ludo LeFebvre, Vinny Dotolo, and Johnny Shook to cook for a charity dinner at Animal. Adventures await them all, including, perhaps, a run-in with Alice Waters (arguably the Cardinal Richelieu of the culinary world.)

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