Last Call: Honor Our Veterans, Because They Defend Our Freedom While Eating MREs

HuffPost: On this Veterans Day, take the time to honor our fighting men and women by feeding them something delicious. Why? Because the field military rations (MREs) are terrible.

Calgary Herald: Man goes to sushi restaurant. Man tries to leave without paying the bill. Man gets chased down street by angry sushi chef brandishing giant knife, who also politely calls the police while he’s at it. Oh, Canada, one crack mayor, and you devolve into martial law and degeneracy? We suppose this is America’s fault, too.

NYTimes: If you’re not media scum like we are, you’ll know that Eater is owned by, which just got bought by Vox Media. Enjoy your shiny new internet money, Eater!

Serious Eats: We’re never going to stop crying over the Charlie Trotter tributes, and the memoriam of Terry Theise, who provided Charlie with his wine, is no exception.

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