Last Call: Is Hummus the Next Salsa? Experts Debate


Bloomberg Businessweek: If the people behind Sabra Dipping, the largest hummus producer in the US, can convince the NFL to make them the official dip sponsor of the Super Bowl (yes, people can do that), then they can probably do anything. Who would win in a fight between salsa and hummus? Who would outwit the other in a game of chess? Who would be quick enough to best the other in a game of “Rocks, Paper, Sauce”?

The Boston Globe: Forum, the restaurant severely damaged during the Boston Marathon bombing, will finally reopen tonight after massive renovations. #BostonStrong

Slate: A San Diego restaurateur gets rid of tipping — and the quality of service only soared from there, as well as the pay and the morale. Even better: it remained a sustainable business model for six years.

Eater: Lucky Peach’s new issue is all about gender issues and food, which, if you know us, means that at least one half of Team Braiser is going to Hulk Smash if the Lucky Peach team doesn’t get it right. (Please get it right.)

Portland Monthly: Organic farmer and farmer’s market pioneer Gene Thiel, who passed away recently at the age of 77, will be honored by a whopping 37 chefs at a charity dinner on August 20th. “Beloved” isn’t strong enough to describe his relationship with these chefs.

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