LAST CALL: If There Were No Momofuku Compost Cookies, There Would Be No Game Of Thrones

The New York Times: This is a true fact. In an interview, Game of Thrones executive producer David Benioff revealed that last year, while shooting in Northern Ireland, a friend sent him a box of Christina Tosi’s compost cookies — “the best birthday gift ever,” he gushed, adding that other cookies “now seem so simple and sickly sweet. It’s like listening to a Justin Bieber song after listening to a Beethoven concerto.” Does that make Christina Tosi the Pink Witch Melisandre?

Yahoo!: If Croatia wants to join the European Union, they’ll have to stop calling their 2000-year-old national sweet wine “Proseck,” because the hissy Italians think it sounds too similar to “Prosecco,” which is…not a sweet wine at all. Guys, considering that Italy is one of the horrible debt-anchors dragging the eurozone into a watery grave, you might want to sit this “joining a monetary union with a single currency” bit out, and pop open a bottle of Proseck while the Italians bunga.

Eater LA: Remember how Korean rap sensation PSY wants to find a dancing chef to join him on tour (for money)? If you’re too embarrassed to post a video on YouTube, as per the contest’s requirements, you can go to a live, in-person audition at LA’s Bibigo! Plus, each person who shoots a video will get a free bowl of bibimbap, which is a modest gift in exchange for your dignity.

The New Republic: Very Serious Journalists declare that El Cellar de Can Roca, the restaurant recently named #1 in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, is “not a memorable one.” However, they admit that it’s way better than some restaurants (cough, cough, the Eleven Madison Park Illusionatorium.)

Refinery29: Lucky Londoners will soon get to see a museum exhibit about el Bulli, at the heights of its prowess, at the Somerset House beginning July 5th. The Americans will just have to wait for the movie.

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