Last Call: In Which Chefs Go Places You Normally Wouldn’t Expect Them To Go

Eater Boston: First, Mario Batali is opening a Babbo pizza restaurant in Boston, where we assume he is pahking his Craahks in Haahvad Yahd.

Hotelier Middle East: And Guy Savoy is opening a restaurant in Qatar, presumably to roll around happily in a pile of riyals in Doha.

Eater NY: Conversely, not-celebrity not-chef Scott Disick has permanently closed his fake Japanese restaurant Ryu. Silly Scott Disick! You don’t belong in restaurants, anyways. Shoo.

Grub Street: And in the most eyebrow-raising switcheroo in this post, Masaharu Morimoto makes nachos in TriBeCa.

Gawker: A fakeout: Guy Fieri was allegedly being “a douche in the woods” this Thanksgiving, but alas, the story printed there is untrue. Still, we did not expect him to not be there, if you get what we mean.

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