Last Call: In Which We Pray That Ferran Adrià Invents A Time Machine

Eater: Here is everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the upcoming el Bullipedia, a compendium of knowledge from the famous restaurant. Most importantly, you’re going to have to wait three more years for it to be released. Why, oh why did Ferran Adrià never innovate a time machine?

The New York Times: Catholic Elaine Sciocco documents the trevails of celebrating Passover in secular Paris, with her Jewish husband. There’s a really good “Seder…In Paris” joke here, but we’re coming up flat.

The Telegraph: Someone else sounds like they hate Balthazar in the UK, too, with sentences like “The food, I’m afraid, is simply not that good. Bizarrely, the rest of it is so likeable that even thinking about it has put a smile on my face.” Okay, then. Can we just move into Balthazar and live there like latchkey kids?

Grub Street New York: More details ahoy about the Momofuku collaboration with the Philadelphia restaurant Zahav: turns out it’s part of Momofuku’s “Late Night Dinner Series.”

Obama Foodorama: St. Patrick’s Day may only last twenty-four hours, but not for Vice President Joe Biden. Oh, no. He celebrates St. Patrick’s Week, because he’s Joe Biden and that’s how he rolls. Ya dig? (Plus: Pope gossip!)

Mostly Harmless: Blogger Rob Reinhart chronicles his decision to stop eating food altogether, which he accomplishes by switching to a nutritive beverage he dubs “soylent.” Dude, don’t try to fool us with your ironic winking references — we know that you’re eating people.

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