Last Call: Eat All These Things During Your Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Recipe RoundupSince we read a lot of food blogs at work, here are some links to the recipes that nearly pushed us to losing The Braiser Game (you lose if you eat something you’ve read about):

Eater: Dramatic Readings of Yelp Reviews is back, and this time they go to the Olive Garden in Times Square.  Nothing says dramatic ambiance like breadsticks next to a combination subway/police station.

New York Post: Miley Cyrus pulls a Katy Perry and kisses a girl for funsies at Alex Guarnaschelli’s The Darby. This despite the fact that she’s engaged to Liam Hemsworth. Whoa, we weren’t aware the Guarnaschelli had hired the sexy oyster shuckers.

America’s Test Kitchen: The popular recipe site is coming out with a dead tree book! It teaches you to make the most fundamental of basic ingredients, like ketchup, goat cheese, bacon, and unrelenting patience for the eighteen times you’ll inevitably mess them up. The Supertaster decides that subjecting multiple brands of mint-flavored toothpaste to a taste test is a really good idea. Afterwards, he decided to taste different brands of orange juice.

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