Last Call: Le Burger King Est Arrivé!

NYT: What excites French people? Cheese? Wine? Nope, it’s the return of Burger King to France after 15 years of dealing with that tightwad McDonalds.

Eater: Korean pop sensation PSY announced that he will not sue a Los Angeles restaurant which renamed itself “Gangnam Style.” However, this does not mean that he’s cool enough with them to visit and scream at their pork butts. 과대 망상 굴지 말라구.

The Guardian: Take this incredibly hard quiz and see whether you can tell the difference between real and fake Heston Blumenthal culinary creations! (Actually, given descriptions like “Inspired by the Titanic disaster,” it’s a pretty simple quiz.)

The Huffington Post: Tonight on PBS, yet another peek into the mind of David Chang! Any more in-depth peeks, and we’d have to pop his skull open for invasive surgery.

Zagat: To promote his latest cookbook, Jacques “2 Legit 2 Quit” Pepin sits down with the guidebook site and talks about the explosion of television cooking shows. “I’m sure some people look at me and say ‘oh he’s pretty boring, all he does is cook,'” he shrugs. “You can’t please everybody.” Because at the end of the day, he’s Jacques Pepin, and you’re not.

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