Last Call: Lots Of Hassle Over ‘The Hoff’

Huffington Post: Cardboard cutouts featuring David Hasslehoff are being stolen en masse from outside Cumberland Farms convenience stores. …Really? Of all people, that guy?

Eater: A fifteen year-old girl from Louisiana translates restaurant menus into braille. Her mission was inspired by her own difficulties as a blind person in ordering food when out to eat.

Grub Street: A photographer recreated the meals from several famous novels including Alice in Wonderland and Catcher In The Rye. We’re fine with eating Holden Caufield’s food just so long as we don’t have to eat with him.

Daily News: The owner of the sports bar chain Bikinis has bought a town in Texas and renamed it after the chain. He bought the town off of Craigslist and hopes to turn it into a tourist destination. It really is possible to buy absolutely anything on Craigslist, isn’t it?

New York Times: Chipotle unofficially offers police officers in uniform a 50% discount on their meal. So that’s why the line is always so long at lunch.

Daily Mail: For your enjoyment: the seemingly annual “expose” on what really goes into a hot dog. Didn’t discourage us before, probably won’t discourage us now.

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