Last Call: Lucky Peach, Pumpkin Butts

Image credit: Lucky Peach/Tumblr

Lucky Peach: The layout editor of the food magazine goes through the process of designing its cover, and since this is the food and gender issue, it means one thing: pumpkin butts. (Why that is not the cover, we do not know. Pumpkin butts is genius.)

Eater: Speaking of peaches who are lucky! David Chang appeared on the Heritage Radio Network and alluded to maybe expanding his vast culinary empire, or maybe not. Well, crap, we had a poem about Changzymandias ready to go.

Esquire: In this week’s “Ask Eat Like a Man,” Josh Ozersky brazenly reveals that he decapitates photos of Gemma Ward to test the sharpness of his knives, because Josh Ozersky loves and respects women.

Grub Street: Gwyneth Paltrow recently paid Serafina East Hampton a visit with friends and family, where she ordered a plate of steamed vegetables with sparkling water on the side. In other news, we’d like to reveal that we decapitate photos of Gwyneth Paltrow to test the sharpness of our knives.

Huffington Post: Today in HuffPo Mealbreakers, a six-year-old in the UK found a cockroach baked into the crust of his fast food pizza, which every British newspaper took as an opportunity to make stuffed crust pizza jokes. We’d like to point out that this is not a laughing matter. This is terrifying.


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