Last Call: Macklemore Likes Vietnamese Noodle Soup? This Is Pho-King Awesome

Bon Appetit: We will defend our headline’s pun to the death, because rapper Macklemore really does like pho, as he reveals in this interview: “That hoisin sauce, broth, lime, basil, noodles, beef combination–it’s the best comfort food.” PREACH, WHITE BROTHER. PREACH.

Grub Street NY: A truck spills 42,000 bottles of ketchup onto a highway, and we’re surprised that not one paranoid nutcase didn’t see a highway splattered with sticky red goop and think they’d driven by an overrun zombie pen.

Food and Wine: These men and women are the Sommeliers Of 2013, which means that no other sommelier will matter for this year, at all.

LA Times: TV chef Aarti Sequeria talks about her experience cooking for the Beverlywood Supper Club, a dining group for adventurous foodies who keep kosher. Unmentioned in the article: if she suddenly received hundreds of phone numbers from her patrons’ unmarried doctor sons.

BuzzFeed: So you wanna be a professional weed baker. We know. Us too. Luckily, a 45-year-old mom of two who does just that wrote an anonymous account of her life in the biz for BuzzFeed. Eat your heart out, Christina Tosi.

New York Daily News: So you want to be a professional weed baker but you don’t want to go to jail. That’s cool. Try cooking with tobacco as a spice/flavoring like these Croatian chefs at the Cuba Cigar Festival. Apparently, it’s “buzz city.” Yeah, or not, because that also sounds gross.

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