Last Call: No Large Sodas For You!

From The Internet: We generally don’t write about people who aren’t chefs as a professional rule, but today The Media brimmed with disdain for Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s recent large soda ban in New York City.  On The View, Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters got into verbal fisticuffs. Alec Baldwin wrote a Furious Column in the Huffington Post. And Stephen Colbert, unable to support him anymore, mercy-killed his pet soda.

HuffPost Food: Yo dawg, I’m a hen, and I heard that you like eggs, so I put an egg in your egg so you can tell the news about it while you..freak out about an egg being inside an egg.

Eater New Orleans: Local landmark Johnny White’s billed itself as “The Bar That Never Closes,” and it lived up to its name, remaining open during Hurricane Katrina. And now it’s closing as of June 30th.

NYT Diners’ Journal: Fourchu sounds like a Pokemon, but it’s really the name of a special type of lobster from Nova Scotia that all the cool chefs are serving, like Jean-Georges Vongerichten and April Bloomfield and Dan Barber. Argh, it’s like they all have Charizards and I’m scribbling Pikachus on index cards.

Bon Appetit: And as we go into Father’s Day weekend, Anthony Bourdain writes an essay on how his own father inspired him to eat big and eat adventurously; a trait that, he’s proud to report, his daughter carries naturally.

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