Last Call: Obama Buys Hoagies To Solve Partisan Gridlock In Congress

The Daily Meal: President Obama does a real life version of this SNL skit and buys hoagies for Congress.

HuffPost Food: Serendipity serves both uber expensive desserts AND the world’s most expensive burger. You have to wait FIVE hours for it. Take that, Danny Meyer.

Grub Street NY: The neighbors prevent Michael White from expanding his restaurant Osteria Morini, remembering the last time he built a roller coaster and destroyed the town.

The Daily Meal: President Obama does a real life version of this SNL skit and buys hoagies for Congress.

Eater Vegas: Chef de cuisine Kevin Hee talks about launching Gordon Ramsay’s Steaks in the hotel Paris Las Vegas.

Gawker: Gawker does that Gawker thing where they Gawker all over people they don’t like. This week’s target: food critics. 

Obama Foodorama: If Michelle Obama were a tree, she would be this 1,400 year old olive tree that Italy just gave her.

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