Last Call: Paula Deen Says She Doesn’t Want People To Associate Her Name With Butter, Then Does This

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Eater: We don’t know what to make of Paula Deen’s flip-flopping on the butter issue! First she says it’s a sometimes-food! Then she’s all “I don’t want people to think of butter when they hear my name!” Then she puts her name on a box of butter! What the…we don’t…we can’t…GIF explanation.

Vine: We’d like to use whatever clout we have to request that Eric Ripert keep making Vines of his fish butcher Justo Thomas doing his magic fish butchering. We’ve never known a man so perfect for the Vine format.

The Huffington Post: Ahahahahaha, brunch places accidentally serving mimosas to children who ordered orange juice, ahahahaha. Drunk kids. Okay, we’re done. Don’t get kids drunk.

Forbes: Christina Tosi, Danny Bowien, and David Posey get fashionable and spill their life secrets…to Forbes? Eh, press is press.

Food and Wine: The august publication officially declares Albert Adrià his Own Big Deal, and politely but firmly asks that everyone stop referring to him as Ferran’s “kid brother.” We suggest this as Albert’s personal hip-hop anthem.

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