Last Call: Brooklyn Waitress Works Final Shift Completely Naked

Gawker: This woman was spotted walking around Roberta’s last night approximately 95% naked. Apparently, it was her last day as a waitress at the Bushwick pizzeria, so in a very unhygeinic way, she was trying to put her behind in her past.

Food Network: The cruel game masters at the Food Network asked other celebrity chefs like Anthony Bourdain, Andrew Zimmern, and Ted Allen, among others, to choose sides between Guy Fieri and Rachael Ray in their eponymous cooking competition. Are those bastards trying to start a civil war, pitting brother against brother, chef blues versus chef whites, rendering the culinary industry asunder? THEIR BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS, FOOD NETWORK.

The Daily Meal: A recent survey found that chefs have the ninth highest number of sociopaths in their industry, which explains so much. (Shut up about journalists being number six on that list, or we’ll shoot this dog and feel no remorse.)

Grub Street: A man who illegally imported 100,000 tons of caviar into the US during the eighties was caught after twenty-plus years on the run, but was sentenced to only a few months in prison due to his advanced age. Meanwhile, 68-year-old Jerry Sandusky began rethinking his life decisions.

NYT: The Slow Food USA organization has a new leader in Richard McCarthy, cofounder of New Orleans’ Crescent City Marketplace. His interview is a fascinating look into the new direction of the organization, particularly their emphasis on food justice.

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