Last Call: Rachael Ray Talks About Eating Her Family And Dog, Forgets Commas

Image credit: FoodNetworkHumor.comMashable: This Photoshop prank mashes Eats Shoots And Leaves with Rachael Ray and makes her interview with Tails Magazine look pretty gruesome. Unless…GASP. That was the reason she was interviewing Bo a few weeks ago! She was planning on making Portuguese Water Dog Stew. 

NYT Diner’s Journal: The high-profile Williamsburg restaurant Isa, run by Taavo Somer, temporarily closes after a number of its core staff left. Somer cites artistic differences as the reason for the closing. If they reform later in June but the restaurant has a different name, we’ll wonder if Ben Folds has anything to say about that.

Eater NOLA: James Beard Award-winning writer Brett Andersen is laid off — along with the majority of the Times-Picayune’s food and culture staff — by the TP’s new overlords The Nola Media Group. Right at a time where everyone is like OMG Food Is The New Rock, too. What the fuck are you thinking, Nola Media Group?

AP Wire: You know what else is the new Rock? Bacon. Everyone is doing the bacon thing now, even Burger King, which just announced their new summer Bacon Sundae (“vanilla soft serve with fudge, caramel, bacon crumbles and a piece of bacon”) in hopes that all the food groupies will drop their bacon panties for their imitation sound.

MSNBC: Andrew Zimmern is calling it now: everyone’s gonna be all over Filipino food in about two years. ““I want to go on record — this is not something that’s hot now somewhere and will get hot everywhere else,” he told the Today Show. We hope that it means that Spam, and not just things like lumpia and lechon, will become an Okay Thing For People To Eat.

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