Last Call: Restaurant Dresses Up As Alinea For Halloween

HuffPost: And we have to give it props for accuracy, from the 45 components to be hung from a wire, to the freeze-dried chicken reconstituted with Krazy-Glue  a chemical binder. The best part: it’s to-go!

Grub Street: Here’s some gore for your Halloween. Grub Street rounded up 10 true chef horror stories from real restaurant kitchens. We’re talking low-boy handle through the leg-level gore.

That’s Nerdalicious: Here is one of the best Iron Man as Iron Chef America costumes we’ve seen. In the true spirit of Iron Chef America, he will probably jet-pack on top of a cutting board and start an international incident with Japan.

Eater: All books must have trailers, and Rene Redzepi’s newest book, A Work In Progress: Notes on Food, Cooking and Creativity, has one as well. Takeaway point: Redzepi was wary of keeping a journal, thinking it was just a “pastime for Justin Bieber fans.” And it’s true — there are 134,298 scrapbooks of Justin Bieber cut-outs covered in glitter, for every one Diary of Anne Frank.

LA Times: The Sriracha factory can stay open, a judge ruled today. Chili Wonka wins again.

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