Last Call: Jimmy Kimmel Takes On Sarah Palin’s Big Gulp Stunt ‘In Other News From 2009’

The Huffington Post: Remember Sarah Palin’s little jab at Mayor Bloomberg’s soda ban during CPAC? Jimmy Kimmel interprets its hidden messages perfectly.

Tasted: This week, Richard Blais attempts a gyro-inspired lamburger, which continues to sound like the king of cuddly meats, on Burger Lab. In other news: who in god’s name is going through the trouble of braising a lamb shank only to use a tiny hunk of it as a topping?

Food & Wine: Want to drink like Mario Batali? Check out his picks for spring pairings. Are we too proud to guzzle sip a dry rosé while it’s still technically snowing outside? Nope.

New York Business Journal: Stephanie Izard is teaming up with Macy’s to join their Macy’s Culinary Council, which, as far as we know, doesn’t involve being contractually required to feud with Marcus Samuelsson on camera.

Eataly: In this age of social media, it’s expected for any company with an online presence to attempt to use every form of communication. We are, however, trying to imagine Joe Bastianich using a Tumblr and GIFs, because that’s the only way we can explain this.

The New York Times: San Francisco-based artist Eric Junker has the coolest gift for his favorite chefs: 60’s-style rock posters for their restaurants, and enough copies to give to their favorite customers. This is so much better than a doggie bag!

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