Last Call: Set Sail On The Good Ship Nordic Food Lab With Your Captain, Rene Redzepi

Identita Golose:¬†Check out the Nordic Food Lab, a creative hub for the new Scandinavian cuisine where Rene Redzepi goes to get away from it all. (Sorry for the weird wording in the article — we believe it was translated from Italian.)

Zagat: Gail Simmons does even more promotional interviews for Top Chef: Seattle, but in this case she also praises some New York City restaurants. Poor Gail Simmons — this interview sounds almost the same as her Washingtonian one. Does she ever get bored?

Serious Eats: If you’re a starving person in Lower Manhattan, here’s a list of food trucks that are giving away free food over the next few days.¬†Treat yo self.

Obama Foodorama: White House executive chef-turned-Zionist Advocate Cris Comeford explains to an Israeli paper that the fact that Obama eats babaganoush and hummus is one of the many ways that our President is a friend of Israel. Will someone please tell that to Benjamin Netanyahu? Maybe he’ll stop trying to drag us into war with Iran if he realizes that we’re totally cool with the hummus.

The Price Hike: Ryan Sutton sits down with Seamus Mullens and discovers how he’s kept his restaurant afloat during Sandy. The short version: with candles, cash, and several pounds of truffles and suckling pigs.


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