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Last Call: Sir, What A Fascinating Spaghetti Turban You Have On Your Head

Delfina: Season’s greetings from the legendary San Francisco restaurant, which sent out this video of a slo-mo food fight as their holiday card. Incidentally, slo-mo is the perfect medium to capture the GLLLOOOOPPPPP of cold spaghetti spilling out of a pot.

RIA Novosti: Lately, there’s been a string of food-related thefts throughout Russia. Last week, someone made off with 37 tons of potatoes, and now, a group of robbers hijacked a truck full of dillweed and parsley.  Russia, what is going on? Are you purposefully turning into the punchline of a Yakov Smirnoff joke?

The Financial Times: A fascinating and long interview with economist and renowned gourmand Tyler Cowen, which takes place in an Ethiopian restaurant in Virginia, results in this observation: “People who can find inexpensive, tasty food are the same type of people that use information to make themselves more productive economically.” Discussion topic: does that apply to Yelpers?

The Huffington Post: In an interview that is the diametric opposite of the preceding interview, Guy Fieri reveals that he can whistle really loudly.

Eater Boston: Michael Schlow is consulting on a restaurant, Sinclair, that opens this week, and in an interview he discusses the risks and rewards of this method: “When you’re consulting, your name is still attached, so you have to make sure that you’re giving them all the same time, recipes and guidance that you would if it was your own restaurant.”

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