Last Call: The Taco Bell-Flavored Dorito Is A Meta-Commentary On The Doritos Taco

The Huffington Post: We have no other way to describe the upcoming, limited edition Taco Bell Doritos as anything but postmodern commentary on the Doritos Locos, the famous taco with a Dorito shell.

Grub Street: Nestle has been forced to pay a group of activists after it was discovered that the chocolate milk giant had been spying on the group. Said activists were trying to protest the fact that Nestle held a market monopoly on baby formula. Yes. This is a group of breast milk activists. You can write your own boob jokes.

Chuck Schumer’s Senate Website: Our favorite duck-hating Senator from New York (sorry, Kristen Gillibrand) announced an USDA initiative today, testing whether New York’s finest Greek yogurt could be a viable, healthy source of protein in our children’s school lunches. Good job, Chobani lobbyists. Also, good job, Chuck Schumer, for being the most self-promotional Senator we’ve seen.

Belmont Patch: Bless the mom who had so many boxes of her daughter’s Girl Scout cookies to unload that she came up with the perfect wine pairings for each variety. A night of Girl Scout cookies and wine is probably how we plan to spend Superbowl Sunday.

Appetite For Life: Andrew Zimmern and Graham Elliot recently went on a date to Au Cheval, and Appetite For Life conveniently documented the whole thing, down to the handsome pair sipping a milkshake with two straws

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