Last Call: Tennis Player Novak Djokovic Now Owns All The Donkey Cheese In The World

The Telegraph: Tennis player Novak Djokovic is opening a restaurant chain in his native Serbia, and bought the entire world’s yearly supply of donkey cheese for his business. Novak Djokovic, Donkey Cheese Monopolist. Oh goodness we can’t believe this is real.

Eater: Continuing this evening’s theme of Weird Foods, a London bar was recently raided after authorities found out that they were serving cocktails with whale skin-infused whiskey. Whale products, and the boozy beverages derived thereof, are illegal in the UK. Of course, everyone wants to know what whale whiskey tastes like, but don’t nobody wanna go killin’ whales in order to find out. (Unless you are, of course, a crewmember of a Japanese “research ship.”)

The Guardian: How do you solve a problem like the decline of the traditional British pub? If you’re Heston Blumenthal, you turn everything about the pub (like its pool table) into an edible work of art, duh. Naturally, traditionalists are peeved.

Zagat: TEQUILA! Doo doo, do-do do, Rick Bayless. Doo doo, do-do-do, fresh Margs. Doo doo, do-do-do, in winter. Doo doo, get yourself real drunk.

Inside Scoop SF: More information is leaking out about Michael Chiarello’s new restaurant, such as the most important thing: its name.

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