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Last Call: There Are No Lines for Cronuts; Let’s Change That

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Eater NY: The summer’s over, everyone’s productively slaving away, and no one is waiting for a cronut at Dominique Ansel’s magical bakery on weekday mornings. If we mention it enough times on the internet, will that change? (Everyone! Make this post go viral! We need to experiment! Also, we’re kind of evil.)

Lucky Peach: “Waste not, want not” is applied to Mexican food. (Trust us when we say that this is a genius, Depression era-level nacho hack.)

Buzzfeed: When did whiskey become the Drink Of Men? Probably when Big Whiskey began running these preposterous, testosterone-inducing commercials extolling whiskey’s innate connection to manliness. (Preposterone!)

GQ UK: Josh Ozersky gave British GQ a lengthy interview on Meatopia UK, in which the darlings asterisk out his expletives. Silly Brits.

GQ US: Meanwhile, in America, Alan Richman is filling the pages of GQ with zero star reviews of Elizabeth Falkner’s Corvo Bianco. But it sounds like it’s more his horrendous waitress’s fault than anything else.

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