Last Call: This Is A Burger, And It Also Happens To Cost $100

The LA Times: We’ll just let the journalists at the Times describe the Bally’s Casino’s $100 “Carving Board Burger”: “It starts with 40 ounces of kobe beef (of course!), topped with a slab of prime rib, topped with braised short ribs, topped with pickled tomatoes (those actually sound kind of good), and then because you can’t be truly over the top without a healthy dollop of sweet and rich, a ‘fonduta’ of melted Gorgonzola cheese and balsamic syrup. The whole thing is served on something called an ‘herbed lardo toasted Italian focaccia.'” That entire paragraph was an artery clog in and of itself. That is not a compliment.

Twitter: Masaharu Morimoto has turned his Iron Chef skills to art! He’s asking his followers for media suggestions. Should he paint, too? Use charcoal? Weld? Utilize found objects in the creation of his post-post-modern art?

Videogum: This Haagen-Daaz commercial starring Bradley Cooper makes no sense, starting from the absurd premise that Bradley Cooper would eat vanilla ice cream at a fancy party.

Eater: In depressing news, Seattle Weekly restaurant critic Hanna Raskin was cut from her job, which also no longer exists.

The New York Times: And finally, we’ll close out the tedium of a long day at work with this video about the tedium of grocery shopping, narrated by David Foster Wallace, the late King of Excitement.

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