Last Call: Tom Sietsema And Jose Andres Go Head To Cabeza Over minibar Review

Eater DC: There’s major drama between Washington Post critic Tom Sietsema, who recently downgraded the revamped minibar to 2.5 stars, and Jose Andres, who’s calling him out for only visiting once.

The Daily Mail: Come, young grasshopper, with wide eyes and empty belly; let grand master Adam Richman teach you the ways of Cram Fu. By the end of this video, you too will learn how to eat a 5 lb. burger with deft skill and mastery and OH GOD, THE BATHROOM’S OVER THERE PLEASE DON’T VOMIT ON OUR SHOES.

Los Angeles Magazine: Writer Joel Stein vents his annoyance at people who only talk to him about Top Chef. There are people in this world who know more about randomly booted cheftestants than they do about Real Important Chefs like Thomas Keller. (Psh, of course, Joel Stein, please. Thomas Keller wouldn’t last a single Quickfire. Sarcastic “duh.”)

The Huffington Post: On day three of Hobbit Week, Stephen Colbert blasts the cross-promotion between The Hobbit movie and Denny’s Hobbit-themed breakfast menu, which is the equivalent volume of a hobbit’s entire breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, lunch, tea, dinner, and supper put together.

Eater: Andrew Zimmern discusses his children’s book, and hilariously draws a parallel between the “weirdness” of people eating bugs in other countries versus the “weirdness” of Americans eating forced tube-meat and slathering it with watery tomato sauce. (PS: that’s a hot dog.)

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