Last Call: Two-Buck Chuck Is Now $2.49 Chuck

Eater:  The price of Trader Joe’s infamous “Two Buck Chuck” will rise to $2.49 thanks to bad crops in 2010 and 2011. Now what are we going to do with The Braiser wine bong?!

The Chicago Tribune: This is a totally true story. McDonald’s announced that it would place the seal of the Marine Stewardship Council on all of their Filet-o-Fishes, in order to denote the fish was caught sustainably, as opposed to being this in a former life.

Grub Street: The food site gets their BuzzFeed on with this slideshow of vegetables being used to operate iPhones. What’s next, guys? Kittens that look like three-star Michelin chefs? (Wait — don’t steal that!)

VICE: Enrique Olvera of the celebrated Mexico City restaurant Pujol takes the Munchies camera crew out with his hombres for a night on the town. Mezcal happens.

CBS: The Center for Disease Control says that a new strain of the norovirus stomach bug is sweeping the nation, with 140 reported cases of diarrhea and vomiting. We hope we catch it — we ate a lot last weekend and we’re not really into exercising.

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