Last Call: WTF Is This Wretched Porcine Abomination?!

Image credit: Josh Ozersky

Esquire: What…what is this monstrosity? Built by Jose Garces? Served for Charlie Palmer? Consumed by Josh Ozersky? Wherefore does man sully nature by making….that…and who dares to call that wretched, boneless pig a “porchetta”?

The Daily Mail: The lovable pranksters in restaurants around the country reveal some of their best April Fool’s jokes, though no one admits to being the farting chef.

Philadelphia Magazine: Shake Shack’s started a running club, proving that Danny Meyer really is the most hospitable man in the biz: the more Shack Burger calories you burn, the less you feel guilty for eating more Shack Burgers. Thanks, Mr. Meyer!

Grub Street: What? What’s that, Google? You’ve started beta-testing a same-day delivery service for items we purchase online? So you really want us to sit in our chairs all day and get BioShock Infinite delivered to our doorstep if we wanted it right now, which we do? Oh, Google. You shouldn’t have, really.

Eater: It turns out that Andrew Zimmern has great powers, as an errant tweet about the suckiness of the food at a Minnesota Twins game resulted in him getting his own stand at Target Field. You hold a dangerous and potent power, Zimmern.

Serious Eats: Remember how obsessed we are with Wylie Dufresne’s new Alder? We’re not saying that we’re now pathological after seeing this gallery of cocktails on its menu…nope, not at all. Nuh-uh.

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