Last Call: The Youngest Female Billionaire Is The In-N-Out Heiress

The Huffington Post: When we were young girls, our parents and teachers told us that one day we’d be teachers, doctors, businesswomen, and maybe even billionaires. How do we feel now that the youngest female billionaire in America (Lynsi Torres, 30) is the heiress to the In-n-Out fortune? Oh, we’re fine. FINE. The universe isn’t arbitrary and cruel at all.

Jezebel: Vegetables are good for you! By that transitive property, vegetarians are better than you. Vegetarians are also better than you at being infected with listeria, salmonella, norovirus, and other sorts of bad pathogens. A gold medal for vegetarians, for they win at diseases!

Eater: Chefs, restaurateurs, and hospitality industry workers in Atlantic City open up about the devastating impact that Hurricane Sandy had on their livelihoods — and how long it might take to recover.

Grub Street: Thanks to legislation designed to limit the size of Big Ag dairy farms, a disproportionately huge percentage of New York’s dairy output is going towards the production of Greek yogurt. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: the Greek yogurt industry has the best lobbyists. (It’s a dairy industrial complex.)

The New York Times: Speaking of Sandy closings, the two-star Governor, the celebrated waterfront restaurant which opened only four months before the hurricane hit, will not reopen.

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