WATCH: Top Chef Seattle Kicks Off Last Chance Kitchen With Dreaded Redemption Dish Challenge

Bravo’s Emmy-nominated web series Last Chance Kitchen is back for a second season to help eliminated Top Chef: Seattle contestants redeem themselves and possibly win a spot back amongst their peers in the finale. As we reported yesterday, Last Chance Kitchen will hereafter be referred to as Last Chance Clusterfuck, due to a long and complicated series of new twists.

On last night’s Last Chance Clusterfuck kick-off, Jeffrey, Carla, Kuniko, and Crissy faced the dishes they were eliminated with for a redemption challenge. They had one hour with the same ingredients that sent them home (and by “home,” we mean “the amazing and adorable cottage that serves as the eliminated contestants’ house. Betcha didn’t know that was a thing).

Carla undercooked squab again, Crissy proved she could make a salad, Jeffrey avoided making another batch of hockey puck fish, and holy shit, Kuniko has a Michelin star?! Yeah, dude! Who knew? Why even bother continuing the subcompetition at this point? She’s just going to pull a Beverly Kim 2.0 and sail all the way to the finale with a vengeance.

You can check out the webisode in its entirety below.

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