Last Chance Kitchen Episode 8: Only One Chef Can Call The Shots

Last Chance Kitchen brought to you by Hidden Valley Ranch is back this week after a one-week hiatus (no one was eliminated last week), and, spoiler: it’s Jason vs. Phillip. During Phillip’s time on the show, he always blamed other people for his mistake. With the awful strawberry dish that got him eliminated, he tried to pass it off as Kwame’s fault since he plated it.

In this challenge, Phillip gets to call the shots, which means that if he fails, he can only blame himself. From a table of ingredients, Phillip gets to choose the one he and Jeremy both have to use. And, he gets to choose how long they each have to cook it. Watch below to find out who stays in the game and who is eliminated for good:

In case you missed last night’s episode, here’s a recap.

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See you next week!

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