WATCH: Can Top Chef Veteran CJ Redeem Himself On Last Chance Kitchen?

Since a key part of Top Chef’s Last Chance Kitchen involves reliving the nightmare that sent you home in the first place, CJ and Tyler were forced not only to work together as a team (again), but make dessert — all because CJ decided to sass the judges about a fellow competitor’s final course on last night’s second installment of LCK Seattle.

They were cooking against Kuniko, Last Chance Clusterfuck’s reigning champion, who had the advantage of making a dessert on her own.

Can CJ charm his way back into Tom Colicchio’s heart after that awkward elimination decision challenge? Will devastatingly earnest Tyler somehow squirrel his way back into the competition? Or will Kuniko continue quietly SLICING THROATS? Watch Episode 2 of Last Chance Kitchen below to find out.

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