WATCH: Will CJ Or Tyler Hold Onto Their Top Spot In Last Chance Kitchen?

The best part about Tom Colicchio forcing Last Chance Kitchen cheftestants to cook with the ingredient they messed up during their Elimination Challenge is that chefs are obsessive freaks who relive their dish downfalls over and over again, compulsively analyzing what they could have done differently. The result, of course, is virtually Iron Chef-worthy dishes revolving entirely around pickles, or carrots, or squab.

Case in point: after royally screwing up his artisan pickle challenge and subsequently being sent home last week, CJ admitted that he had 30 or 40 pickle dishes floating around in his brain. How very convenient, because on last night’s Last Chance Kitchen, reigning winners CJ and Tyler and last night’s eliminated chef Eliza had to cook a dish highlighting pickles and carrots (Eliza’s Elimination-Challenge-bastardized ingredient).

Also, Tyler and CJ were finally freed of each other and permitted to compete in this Last Chance Clusterfuck individually. Check out the webisode in its entirety below to find out who still has a chance at the finale. (We’ll admit: we were relieved.)

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