WATCH: Can Danyele Take CJ Down In Top Chef Seattle’s Last Chance Kitchen?

CJ been tearing through his Last Chance Kitchen challenges so successfully that he now has his own cheering section in The Loser Gallery. Poor, meek Danyele barely stood a chance against the chants of “Big Ceej” and the CJ support t-shirts.

In homage to her losing “lunch meat”-tasting terrine, Tom Colicchio tasked the rivals with making a really awesome sandwich. Danyele went classic, with a turkey-avocado-BLT (to the derision of The Loser Gallery, of course), and CJ went modern with a fancy Bahn Mi. Tom found flaws in both, but really, Colicchio? They’re gonna cook their way back into the competition with sandwiches?

Check out Last Chance Kitchen below to find out who survived to cook another day.

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