Tonight in Food TV: Fabio’s Mom Worries About His Phone Sickness On Life After Top Chef

Who knows what tragedy will befall Jen Carroll this week on Life After Top Chef? We don’t, because this week’s preview focuses on Spike Mendelsohn and Fabio Viviani. Maybe they forgot to feature Jen this episode and that’s her meta-tragedy? Unclear.

Anyway, on tonight’s episode, Fabio’s mom comes into town, and while you’re probably busy imagining how attractive Mama Viviani is (and she is), you may not be expecting all the crazy that’s packed into her fretting mama head.

Fabio leaves the dinner table at one point (where he’s breaking bread with his mom, business partner, his friends, and his life coach…you know, that guy who massaged him last week? Yeah, that guy) to take a phone call. Annoying, sure, but innocent enough? Not to Mama Fabz.

Her ridiculously youthful face instantly contracts into worry lines over Fabio’s health. How healthy can it be to take a phone call IN THE MIDDLE OF DINNER?

“Too much ti-red!” she stresses.

Also in this episode, Spike probably misses a wedding because he’s too busy being a douchebag skiing. Check out a sneak peek below.

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