Cafes That Also Do Your Laundry Seem Like a Better Deal Than Cat Cafes

The East Village got its own laundro-cafe from the team behind Little Fox, and it seems like this is a better special interest deal than cat cafes, no? Like, more hypoallergenic and less fear from the tyranny of cat pee fumes? The Wash House followed the same model as San Francisco’s Brainwash when it opened last year, offering coffee, beer, wine, grilled cheese sandwiches, pastries, and drop-off laundry service.

For $1-a-pound, you can leave your dirty clothes for next day pick-up, or pay extra for same-day service. We don’t know how we feel about the person serving us beers also seeing our skivvies but you do you, laundry degenerates. Gothamist has a full review of how “Instagrammable” the space is, plus a ranking of the best grilled cheeses here.

We’ll just be over here bringing tall boys of PBR to our regular neighborhood laundromats in brown paper bags, like plebes.


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