Lawsuit Against Ferran Adria Dropped

Good news, everyone who cares about the fate the former el Bulli: a lawsuit against Ferran Adrià alleging that he cheated one of his business partners out of his share of the restaurant has been dismissed.

According to El País (in Spanish), the children of Miquel Horta, a recently deceased partner in el Bulli, had filed a lawsuit against the pre-eminent chef and his maitre’d Juli Solner, claiming that the two had taken advantage of their mentally-ill father before he died and convinced him to sell his 20% stake in el Bulli for much less than its actual value (and, in fact, should have owned 84% of the company). Adrià, on the other hand, argued that Horta had made his offer with the assistance of multiple advisors, and the case went to trial last year.

A month before the opening of the el Bulli Foundation, however, the Spanish courts dismissed the case without costs to either side.

“We are pleased that justice has worked,” Adrià told El País, adding that he was ready to focus on the opening on the Foundation (which he is super stoked about). “It’s a good way to start without looking to the past.”

Why is it that we have the sinking feeling that the children of Miquel Horta filed this suit to make up for the fact that they could be totally unemployed?

[El País via Eater]

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