Le Sad: Alain Ducasse Closes New York Flagship Adour

Ze tears, you must not cry zem, because Alain Ducasse eez closing ze restaurant Adour at ze St. Regis Hotel in New York. Zut alors! You did not know? Eet was in ze New York Times this morning.

Shh, shh. We know zat ze restaurant, which had been in ze hotel for five years, was celebrated by ze critics, and last received three stars from Monseuir Frank Bruni and one star from ze 2012 Michelin Guide. So we understand zat it is a surprise to you, mon cherie, zat he would close his restaurant. (Ducasse did not give a reason to ze Times as to why he and ze hotel ended ze relationship.)

But why do you cry, mon petit chou? Ducasse will host his final dinner at Adour on November 17th. After that…who knows? Perhaps he has grown weary of fine dining and will retire to a quiet life outside of ze world of haute cuisine, perhaps to drive a food  truck. Perhaps he ees going to write more books.


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