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Top Chef-testant Leah Cohen Admits Her Restaurant Is ‘Clearly Failing’ in Lawsuit

Top Chef’s most slut-shamed contestant in history is currently going at it (the bad kind, not the sexy kind) with her restaurant Pig & Khao’s management company, alleging that they failed to pay rent, the staff, or the restaurant’s supplier, resulting in staggering debts, which include $47,283 in back taxes.

Leah Cohen entered a 50/50 deal to split ownership in exchange for management services with New York Restaurant Services Group, bringing $400,000 to the table with an investment from her father. “Management services” include, y’know, taking care of finances, and in spite of their apparent failure to do so, they’ve still skimmed off a 3% management fee for themselves, according to Cohen.

She told TMZ that the restaurant is “clearly failing” and that it’s failed to turn a profit since it opened, which, really? Even with those killer $1 beer deals? Rough.

Hasn’t this poor woman suffered enough?


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