Former Top Cheftestant Leah Cohen Needs To Fire Her Waitstaff, According to The Village Voice

You may remember Leah Cohen as the Kristen Stewart of Top Chef: New York, having been embroiled in Top Chef’s only sex scandal ever (except for Morgan Wilson’s actual kiddie porn indictment), where, after a season-long flirtation, Leah cheated on her boyfriend at the time by making out with eventual winner Hosea Rosenberg (who was also cheating on his girlfriend at the time), thus making the rest of the competition awkward and awful for everyone.

But from the ashes, a publicly humiliated Top Cheftestant rose to open her own, critically-deemed delicious restaurant in New York. Cheers, Leah! Now fire your waitstaff.

At least, that’s the advice she’s getting from her Village Voice review. Her restaurant Pig and Khao is backed by the Fatty Crew collective, and features Filipino-Thai fusion, partially in homage to her Filipino mother. Her waitstaff is evidently not so savvy on the finer points of Thai or Filipino cuisine. Wrote the reviewer:

“On another visit, the waitress spent the evening repeating to each one of her tables that halo-halo, the Filipino dessert on the menu, came from the Vietnamese word ‘to mix.’ After giving it a hard sell and convincing us to order it, she leaned in to ask me which adjective would best describe the texture, because she’d never tasted it herself.”

But the food’s great! You can check out the review in its entirety here.

[Village Voice]

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