Teenage Batali Sons On The Chew: ‘I Feel Like He’s The Most Embarrassing Dad’

Mario Batali’s teenage sons Leo and Benno are smart, adorable, well-spoken, funny, kind, well-dressed (or at least well-styled), apparently eat at Spice for lunch on a regular basis because they go to high school in Park Slope, and are otherwise the children/baby brothers/prom dates you wish you had. Ugh, we bet they’re super respectful of women, too.

They joined Pops on The Chew today to show off a recipe from their accidental book (initially a homemade gift for Dad’s 50th birthday, of course later picked up by a publisher and distributed for real) The Batali Brothers Cookbook. After a smooth burger grilling demo, Clinton Kelly engaged Leo and Benno in a game of “Super Batali Brothers” (see what they did there?), in which they spilled rapid-fire style on dear old dad’s most embarrassing habits.

Check out the cute overload below.

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