Les Halles Hit With Tip-Skimming Lawsuit; Anthony Bourdain Shocked At Allegations

Image Credit: The Guardian

More than 100 workers have joined a class-action lawsuit against Anthony Bourdain’s old brasserie Les Halles, alleging that managers took a huge cut of workers’ tips.

The New York Post reports that the suit, which represents people who have worked at Les Halles over the past six years, claims that management at the famous French restaurant forced servers and busboys to pool their tips together and then took out 26% for floor managers. This is illegal, according to the Department of Labor (and makes the author question the practices at a certain bad Chinese restaurant where she once worked).

Bourdain, who has definitely not worked at Les Halles in the past six years (he’s known as the “chef-at-large,” and the last time he worked at Les Halles was while filming this episode of No Reservations), was shocked at the allegations. “In my experiences at Les Halles, management was, if anything, unusually scrupulous about these things,” he said to the Post. 

[The New York Post via Grub Street]

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