After Denied Wedding Cake, Lesbian Couple Accepts Duff Goldman’s Offer Of Civil Rights Cake

In the next chapter of Lesbian Wedding Cake Saga: after Duff Goldman offered, unexpectedly, to bake a free wedding cake for an Oregon couple turned away by a religious bakery owner, the couple has decided to accept the civil rights pastry.

Though they’d already asked local bakery Pastrygirl to bake their wedding cake, the two women announced that Duff would be baking a bride’s cake, so they could honor their commitment to the first bakery. “We are grateful to both bakeries for being a part of making our wedding day incredibly special,” Laurel Bowman of Portland said in a statement to The Oregonian.

Meanwhile, Sweet Cakes by Melissa, the bakery that started this whole mess to begin with, might be facing legal action: though owner Aaron Klein said he refused to cater a gay wedding because of his religious beliefs, Oregon state law prohibits businesses from discriminating against people based on their sexual orientation.

Duff, however, seems pretty stoked to strike a blow for gay civil rights, because why would he, of all people, ignore “an injustice involving a cake”?

[The Oregonian via The Daily Meal]

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