Top Chef: Masters Critic Lesley Suter Is Pregnant, Too!

The morning after the Top Chef: Masters Premiere Tasting party last week, this season’s co-host Gail Simmons announced that she was expecting. Turns out, she wasn’t the only pregnant cast member at the party. Today, Bravo’s The Dish announced that Season 5’s new critic Lesley Suter is also pregnant!

“I’m pretty sure I got pregnant the day we shot the finale,” she told Bravo. “Yes…the meal was that good! So, in a way, I have Top Chef Masters to thank for this kid. Bravo — I’ll be sending half the babysitting bills your way!”

If that’s not an endorsement of this season, we don’t know what is. You can catch the premiere of Top Chef: Masters Season 5 tomorrow, Wednesday, July 24th at 10:00 PM ET on Bravo.

[The Dish]

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