Let’s All Pause And Watch the Prettiest Sushi at Nobu

Time-lapse sushi? Yes please.

To celebrate a jaw-dropping 20 years at Nobu, Vanity Fair created a look back at the front lines of Nobu Matsuhisa’s restaurant. And it really is beautiful to watch the pieces come together. Wrote Vanity Fair about the video:

“As we’ve always had a spot in our hearts, and especially our stomachs, for Nobu’s yellowtail-jalapeño roll (an original and enduring menu item), we created a time-lapse video from Nobu Fifty Seven’s sushi-bar lineup, in the midst of dinner service, to observe the intensely talented knife work and technique of the chefs on the line. All of the chefs blushed when we set up the camera, asking for reassurance that we wouldn’t film their faces—and it said something about the modesty and humility of these anonymous sushi sculptors.”

A nice mid-day pause, don’t you think? Plus, Matsuhisa has some nice things to say about Nobu, his scariest encounter at the restaurant, and Robert DeNiro.

[Vanity Fair h/t First We Feast]

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