Let’s Watch Anthony Bourdain Dump All Over the Grammys for Cutting Off Trent Reznor & Co.

anthony bourdain congo
After the producers of the 2014 Grammy Awards controversially decided to cut off a performance by Trent Reznor, Lindsey Buckingham, Dave Grohl, and Queens of the Stone Age at the very end of their telecast (and filled their airtime with commercials), people who love hard rock got pissed. Reznor himself took to the Twitters, and defender of rock/avid Queens of the Stone Age fan Anthony Bourdain said all of these wonderful, cruel things to the Grammys:




By the way, we’re so proud of the fact that Bourdain is a real estate developer and media mogul who hosts a CNN show and publishes books, and is still this talented at swearing. (We thought you were a Respectable Member of the 1% Intellectual Elite Society, Bourdain! Guess not.)

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