Joe Bastianich To Masterchef-testant: ‘The Only Thing Worse Than A Cook Who Can’t Boil Is A Narcissist In Denial’

Amidst all the Glee brouhaha, an actual celebrity chef showed up to last night’s MasterChef to judge the home cooks’ agnolotti-making challenge, and that chef, natch, was Mama Bastianich.

After she demoed how to make a proper one, the home cooks were on their own to try their hand at it. One sad contestant from California (the same Army vet Joe Bastianich made cry once before, actually) tried putting “his own spin” on the pasta by stuffing it with such Cali-friendly ingredients as peppers and braised chicken. Apparently it was as disgusting as it sounds. But his defensive back-talk followed by Joe’s swift and brutal takedown was even better. Check out his elimination (parts one and two) below!

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