WATCH: Poor Lidia Bastianich Is Mercilessly Brown-Nosed By Mario Batali On The Chew

To say that Mario Batali worships the ground Lidia Bastianich walks on would not be an understatement. We get that she’s his business partner on many successful enterprises, and that he’s respecting his elders in the Italian tradition, or whatever, but the reverence borders on brown-nosing.

When Lidia jokes about how The Chew has stolen all her best cooking ideas, Mario immediately submits: “We have been copying you for years and we’re just telling you now.” (Subtext: We’re so sorry, your majestic majesty.)

Mario and Michael Symon quibble over who fucked up the prosciutto prep in her dish demo. They fight each other over demoing the steps of her dish to help out, until she finally scolds them in frustration for taking all her work away.

“This is overkill,” she remarks.

And while she’s explaining how pan-searing your protein low and slow will produce more tender meat, Mario instantly throws himself upon his Iron Chef dagger:

“An excellent point in differentiation between young male chefs, and confident women chefs of Italian cooking [is that women] don’t need to go in there and create a smoky Iron Chef pan. They know and they have the confidence that something’s going to happen.”

“Mario and I lit our kitchen stuff on fire all the time!” Michael quickly agreed.

BOYS! Relax. Lidia likes you both equally and there’s no need for a pissing contest over who can suck up harder. Check out the clip below.

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