WATCH: Lidia Bastianich Frowns Upon Grown Women Drinking Wine Out Of The Carafe

No chef scolds quite as effectively as Lidia Bastianich; it’s that Serb-Italian grandmotherly sternness that simultaneously endears her to us and fills us with fear. No wonder Joe turned out so scary and mean.

She made an appearance on The Talk this afternoon to emphasize the importance of having a signature dish for the holidays, but she flustered hosts Julie Chen and Aisha Tyler by being ever so slightly control-freaky in her assigning of demo tasks.

Julie and Aisha were so stressed by the timing of the dish that they wound up drinking Barolo straight from the carafe when it came to the wine-adding step in cooking the roast. Lidia disapproved, naturally, but still let them taste dessert. Close one, ladies.

Let this be a lesson: it’s a fine line between wino granny and self-righteous granny, and it would behoove all of us to be able to tell the difference when cooking with them. Check out the clip below.

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